Designing A Website For Search Engines

Today a lot of people are using the Internet as a resource to buy products or get information they need. However, it is the search engines that make a website visible and give that website a presence across the world. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your website is found by major search engines and in order for that to happen, one has to just follow a few simple rules.


When you are designing your website layout, remember that the website is not just for your visitors but also for search engines who will send more visitors to your site. The structure of your website should be well organized so that search engines can find where the navigation, content and headings are.

Keywords or Keyword Phrases

When writing your content, make sure you include all your keywords in it. Do not try to fill your content with keywords because search engines are smart enough to figure that out.


Search engines can read HTML and not JavaScript. So do not use JavaScript to add text to your website. Make sure all or most of your text in your website is inserted using HTML.

Alt Tags

Just like we use keywords for the content of the website, alt tags are used for images and graphics. Every time you use a graphic, do not forget to include alt text for it. Search engines recognize the alt tag for graphics and you should change the alt tag every time you change the graphic.


In order to get good ranking on search engines, pay special attention to your content. Have good quality content which will force other websites to link with you.

By Pauline Go

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