How to Avoid Web Design Mistakes

If you are human, then you most likely make mistakes. Though this is completely normal, it can be very costly for a person when it comes to the  web   design  of their company website. By knowing the most common  web   design  mistakes that are made you can easily avoid them and have a successful website that customers can easily navigate and possibly purchase from.

Point of Your Website –

The most common mistake when it comes to designing your website is not having it clear. Within seconds of visiting your site a visitor should know just what your business is and what you are selling to them. Sure you know what your website is, but the bottom line is whether or not the customer knows.

Too Much Content –

When it comes to writing your content, you need to keep it detailed enough so the customer knows what your company is about, but short enough to not lose their attention. The internet shopper is not one that is looking to take their time. Therefore provide enough information without writing a novel in the process.

Tiny or Fancy Fonts –

Even if tiny or fancy fonts look good on your browser and computer screen, they can be difficult to make out for others. Refrain from using any type of fancy or tiny-size font and use a font that is user-friendly like Arial, Arial Bold, etc.

Registrations –

Sites that require the customer to register in order to read blogs, view products, etc can be frustrating and often make them visit a site that they do not have to register with just for browsing. Avoid registration unless it is absolutely necessary.

Your Contact Information –

Though the  web   design  can be perfect, if you do not have your company’s contact information listed on the site it will not get you anywhere. Ensure that customers are able to contact you by phone or email. Having a “Contact Us” page is usually a good idea.

By Korilynn Shaw

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